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Isn’t She Lovely

We all have role models, people we look up to, people who have made a profound impact on our lives.  Well mine isn’t actually a person, its a pig.  But she still counts because she is overly fabulous, and I have been obsessed with her since before I can remember.  She is the one and only Miss. Piggy.  So I’m sure you could imagine my sheer delight, literally squealing (haha), when I opened the latest edition of InStyle to find a full spread featuring her, in custom made designer duds no less!

I know you may be thinking I’m a little silly for semi-idolizing a pig (not a puppet), but let’s look at the facts.  She is a strong, empowered girl who get’s what she wants, Kirmie never knew what hit him.  Plus she looks amazing while doing it.  We could all use a dose of the Piggy Pill.

This is my favorite, I would so rock that outfit.

The girl can really rock a photo.

Check out the whole spread in this month’s InStyle and take a few lovely cues from my favorite pig, I know I did.

Live Lovely,



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Kids Say the Most Patriotic Things

In honor of Election Day, I wanted to share with you a little political insight from one of the sweet girls I babysit in the morning. We spent the majority of our drive to school talking about the life of Barack Obama and how one goes about becoming president. I know this is not a presidential year and she is not quite of voting age (11 years in the future) but its never too early to begin discussing civic duty…right? Obviously, this little girl already has a good understanding of politics and maybe even boys.



“I would rather kiss a boy or be a salami and cheese sandwich than be the president and out of all those I would choose to be a salami and cheese sandwich.”

God Bless America!

Have a lovely election day,


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It’s a Lovely Life: Toledo Trip’n

Mara and I have been busy.  And when I say busy, I mean the kind of busy where you didn’t get to Wednesday’s dirty dishes until Sunday.  Life doesn’t look like it will be slowing down anytime soon, but that doesn’t leave us any excuses for neglecting all you lovely livers out there.

This weekend, Mara and I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of one of our oldest friends.  Not only have we grown up with him but all of our families are well, like family, so it was an extra special night full of lots of fun.  Of course, first we had to head to Toledo…

Mara and I love a good road trip, so three and half hours in the car with our favorite jams and lots to gab about was a walk in the park.

After the ceremony, we decided to have a little bubble blowing photo shoot courtesy of my brother.  People really should play with bubbles more often, its one of life’s simple joys.

Here is a nice action shot of my mother “cutting a rug.”

There are about a dozen people I didn’t get pictures with, including the bride and groom, but luckily quality time was being spent despite the absence of photographic evidence.  Nothing is lovelier than spending a weekend with your closest friends and family, hopefully you will be doing the same soon.

Happy Lovely Living,


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November 7, 2011 · 12:06 am

The Flavors of Fall

It wouldn’t be fall without the addition of pumpkin to the seasonal food offerings.  I needed a quick and easy recipe to bring in treats to the office for my birthday and I didn’t have to look farther than Pinterest to find something that fit the bill.  Actually, it was so simple, and so easy that I doubted its crowd pleasing ability.  But I decided to try what can only be considered a pumpkin muffin.

The only ingredients the recipe called for were a box of cake, a can of pumpkin, and powdered sugar to sprinkle on top.  No extras, like eggs or oil were needed.  Simply mix the dry cake mix with a can of pumpkin, this creates a cake like batter.

Place the batter in a greased cupcake pan, you could also you cupcake liners, and bake for 12-15 minutes.

Let cool and sprinkle with powdered sugar.  The batch I baked was still warm when I sprinkled on the sugar, causing it to melt into a yummy glaze.  These were a huge hit at my office, people actually wanted the recipe, which didn’t happen last year when I made a much more time intensive pumpkin bread.  I definitely recommend whipping these up for an easy fall treat.

Anyone making their own fall treats?  How many Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Lattes have you had?  Hopefully a lot!

Wishing you lovely fall living,


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Falling in love with fall.

Hello Lovely Readers,

Today my brother Noah and his lovely girlfriend, Maria, graced me with their presence and let me test out my fall photography on them. Maria was a little more excited about the opportunity than Noah but he was still a great sport about the whole thing.  We decided on natural settings to match their personalities (they both love being outdoors, the farm, and four-wheeling) plus- you don’t even need photoshop to make the backdrop of this fall afternoon look gorgeous. Here are some of my favorite shots from the day.


Tis my favorite season,





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It’s a Lovely Life: Q102 Bosom Ball is Pretty in Pink

Rachael and I just returned from a fab night out in Covington at Q102’s Annual Bosom Ball, which supports Breast Cancer Awareness and Research. When I heard the line up for this year’s show, I couldn’t wait to call Rachael and tell her the news. Every year, this event supports a wonderful cause and includes some great performers. One of our all time favorite bands, Parachute, made the list. As well as, Hot Chelle Rae, Christina Perri, Andy Grammer, and VV Brown. Personally,  the lead singer of Parachute could have been the only one there and I would still have gone but on with the show.

VV Brown led the night off with some soulful ballads including “Shark in the Water”, which you may or may not have heard on your local radio station.

We were highly impressed with the next singer, Christina Perri, she has a great voice and a lot of stage charm. Her most popular song is “Jar of Hearts” but I have a feeling she will have many more to come.

And now to who we have all been waiting for (okay, maybe just me), Parachute. They are truly a talented group of musicians and their lyrics are refreshingly unique and meaningful in a world of just plain weird lyrics by other artists. If you have not heard of them before, you definitely need to check them out. Their sound is comparable to Augustana or Maroon 5 and their charm is incomparable.

Here is an upclose of the lead vocalist, Will. It may appear that he is about 3 inches from my camera. That assumption would be correct 🙂

Next up, Andy Grammer. His tracks are getting a lot of air time recently and he has an inspiring story, from singing on the streets in California to singing for thousands. His latest hit is, “Keep Your Head Up”. P.S. He has mad beat box skills.

Finally, to cap the night off was Hot Chelle Rae. These boys were full of energy and confidence and they’ve got a lot of stage presence to boot. One of their most popular hits is “Tonight, Tonight”. The picture is a little trippy but you get the idea…fist pump anyone?

In summary, it was a great night of lovely music for a lovely cause and Rachael and I can’t wait to see who will be there next year. As they said in the toast last night, “Cheers to a Cure”.

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It’s a Lovely Life: The Year of the Cake

I have officially had, if possible, too much cake.  Six cakes to be exact, since last Thursday night, only one of which was not linked to my 24th birthday celebration.  (Let us not dwell on the fact that I have reached the age of 24.)  Too much cake does not mean I wasn’t thankful for each and everyone, it just means that no person should honestly eat that much cake.  Let’s count them.

Cake #1)  A delicious pumpkin cake eaten at small group.

Cake #2) Cake provided by the grandma for family celebration number one.

Cake #3) A cute little cake provided by Miss. Mara.  She left it sitting out for me on my birthday morning.

Cake #4) Not my birthday cake.  It was brought to work to celebrate someone else’s birthday, and I was hungry for breakfast so of course I took a piece.

Cake #5) A raspberry Bonbonerie confection provided by my mom at family celebration number two.  I still have half of it in our fridge…

Cake #6) A cake provided by my boss for me and my birthday twin at work.

Whoa, count those cakes, that’s a lot!

I felt so loved on my birthday this year.  If you were one of the many people to send me a text, facebook message, phone call, card, or just say Happy Birthday, thanks for making me feel lovely.

Happy Lovely Living,



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