Hello friends, family, and fellow bloggers! We (Rachael and Mara) have been talking about this blog for many many hours+days. Most of our discussion was based around coming up with a name for our blog. It seems that every catchy, meaningful, cute name has already been thought of but here we are today with “Lovely Living with R&M.” We hope that this is just the beautiful beginning of our blog life and more importantly, the beginning of truly lovely living. We chose “lovely living”, because not too be too cheesed up  or anything, but we want our lives to reflect all things lovely. God made us to enjoy his beauty and to partake in lovely things and we plan to do just that. So who are these girls you ask? We are twenty-somethings , starting out on our own, and we want to take you along for the adventure. We hope to include fun places we go, fresh finds we discover, and the lovely  things we (try) to create. We are pretty new to this, so we are just learning the ropes, bear with us while we get our feet wet and learn how to upload pictures to this baby. Cheers!


One response to “Beginnings

  1. Sarah Coots

    You two are so cute! Your apartment is AMAZING! Adulthood is hard but can be pretty great too! Good luck on your new adventure!

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