It’s a Lovely Life: The Year of the Cake

I have officially had, if possible, too much cake.  Six cakes to be exact, since last Thursday night, only one of which was not linked to my 24th birthday celebration.  (Let us not dwell on the fact that I have reached the age of 24.)  Too much cake does not mean I wasn’t thankful for each and everyone, it just means that no person should honestly eat that much cake.  Let’s count them.

Cake #1)  A delicious pumpkin cake eaten at small group.

Cake #2) Cake provided by the grandma for family celebration number one.

Cake #3) A cute little cake provided by Miss. Mara.  She left it sitting out for me on my birthday morning.

Cake #4) Not my birthday cake.  It was brought to work to celebrate someone else’s birthday, and I was hungry for breakfast so of course I took a piece.

Cake #5) A raspberry Bonbonerie confection provided by my mom at family celebration number two.  I still have half of it in our fridge…

Cake #6) A cake provided by my boss for me and my birthday twin at work.

Whoa, count those cakes, that’s a lot!

I felt so loved on my birthday this year.  If you were one of the many people to send me a text, facebook message, phone call, card, or just say Happy Birthday, thanks for making me feel lovely.

Happy Lovely Living,




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One response to “It’s a Lovely Life: The Year of the Cake

  1. Linda Wallace

    From the moment I saw you at 3:19 am October 17, 1987 I have have loved you with all my heart. Mom

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