Flower Power

Mara and I spent quite a bit of time debating what to do with the empty wall above our television.

We knew it needed something, too much white freaks us out, but we didn’t want it to be obtrusive.  One large picture would look awkward centered above the television, and an assortment of frames would be too similar to the opposite wall above our couch.  While browsing the local Target we stumbled upon the wall decals, and found these three dimensional flowers in various sizes.

We immediately liked them, and of course, new exactly where we would use them.  The original color was a matted silver, but to give it a personal touch that blended with our living room color story we decided to spray paint them.

We chose Rust-oleum Ultra Cover in three shades of green that played nice together.  We didn’t have a fabric swatch with us but there are so many shades of green in our living room, we knew that these would fit in nicely.  We were adamant on using darker tones in the display to keep the look toned down.

I spent a nice evening outside on our porch spray painting.  Flowers were sprayed one color depending on their size.  It took a few thin coats to evenly cover them, but the process was painless.

Once the flowers were dry we brought them back inside to begin the real task, getting them on the wall.  You might think we’re crazy, which is true, but we decided to freehand the entire project rather than mapping out where each flower would go.  We had a general idea of what we wanted the flowers to look like on the wall, so we just went with it.  Mara and I also agreed that we didn’t want it to look overly planned, and that certainly is the case.

We started by hanging the end flowers, to give us an idea of scale.  Applying the flowers was very easy.  The kit came with small flat head nails that we tapped into the wall with a hammer.  The back of each flower has a small circle that fits over the nail, and they click in place.

I wish the lighting was better in these photos, but sadly its not.  We like the overall affect, it has a young fresh vibe which we can handle since we think we’re young and fresh.

This look works well for the younger sect, it would be adorable in a little girl’s bedroom.  I’ll be honest and say that in future homes I will be going for a more sophisticated look and this wouldn’t fit in the scheme but for where Mara and I are right now, its exactly what we like.

Live lovely,




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