It’s a Lovely Life: Cincy on Screen

Like good Cincinnatians, Mara and I rushed to see “Ides of March” on Friday, its opening day in theaters.  Not only were we excited to see Cincinnati on the big screen but also the hallowed halls of Miami University, our alma mater.
I can’t say the film was one of my favorites, I don’t normally choose to attend heavy political dramas, but luckily I had Ryan Gosling to ogle over.  It was exciting and surreal to see The Farmer School of Business and a few Cincinnati landmarks projected in all their glory.  Maybe the rest of the world will see what their missing.

Before the movie we stopped at the Hofbrauhaus, a place we had been meaning to visit for years.  The weather was great, so we sat outside and had fun people watching and enjoying delicious pretzels.  We will definitely being going back.

Mara ordered a sandwich as big as her head, and it tasted a lot better than my “salad”, which turned out to be a giant pile of chopped bologna on some lettuce leaves.  I made the most of it by eating off of my friends plates though, because that’s what living lovely is all about.

Happy Lovely Living,



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  1. Yum, the pretzels look good! Good to hear your take on the Ides of March, have not seen it yet. Have a lovely evening and see you bright and early!

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