It’s a Lovely Life: The Hyde Park Art Show

This weekend our lovely living event was just minutes from our doorstep in Hyde Park Square.  The event is held annually, and we were more than pleased to take a stroll through the rows and rows of paintings, jewelry, sculptures, and crafts.  The sights and sounds of fall are fast upon us and that made the afternoon even sweeter.

There were some beautiful paintings that I would have loved to own, sadly my art budget isn’t running around the $500 mark right now.  I overheard quite a few of the artists discussing their inspiration and painting techniques with potential buyers, a unique experience that might not occur in a gallery. 

To top off the day, we ran into a wagon full of these adorable puppies. We couldn’t resist snapping a few pictures.  If our landlord would let us have dogs, you can guarantee we wouldn’t have been able to put these sweet faces back.

What did you guys do this weekend, any fun fall activities coming up that we should put on our calendars?

Live Lovely,


PS:  We are slowing sprucing up our blog, so don’t mind us if you see changes.  Apparently our decorating style is translating into the blogosphere meaning we are taking a long time and overanalyzing everything.


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