Made in the Shade

For those of you who are frugal with flair, making your curtains is most likely already in your DIY repertoire.  For the rest of the world, be advised that this is definitely not something Mara and I came up with ourselves.  Blogs and design magazines have been featuring Curtain How To’s for a long time, but I wanted to add our supportive high five to the idea and show you what I’ve done in our own home.

Because we can’t paint, curtains were a must to add some much needed color to our apartment.  So far I have only tackled curtains for our living room and my bedroom, but the empty curtain rods in the dining room are beckoning for a little love.  The greatest thing about these curtains is that there is no sewing involved.  Thanks to hemming tape, all you need is an iron.

My favorite part about making curtains is choosing the fabric, there are so many more options as opposed to just picking up a pack of curtains from the store.  I have even seen some people use sheets because they liked the print.  We grabbed our fabric from the local Joann’s.  I scored the fabric above for about $2 a yard, which is pretty amazing.  The fabric for the living room was a little pricier but still cheaper than purchasing curtains.

The first step is to measure and cut your fabric.  Make sure to leave extra fabric to hem all of the edges.  I always measure so that the curtains settle nicely on the floor.

To hem the curtains, just place the hemming tape where you need it and iron it on.  Once it cools, you peel back the thin plastic sheet, nicely fold your fabric up, and iron it again so it stays in place.

To hang the curtains up, I used ring clips.  You can see them in the picture above.

Here is a before picture of our living room before curtains.

And here’s the after.  I am pretty much obsessed with this fabric.

I love how it brings the green out in the chair.  Here you can see how I like the curtains to drag a little, nobody wants their curtains to be high-waters.

Are you guys making your own curtains, is hemming tape the way to go or are you a power sewer?  Is anyone else as ready for the weekend as me!?

Happy lovely living,



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