We can’t get enough of…Farmer’s Markets!

Farmer’s Markets seem to be cropping up everywhere (pun intended). Although Cincinnati wouldn’t appear to be home to lovers of agriculture, looks can be deceiving. One of Rachael and I’s favorite Sunday afternoon activities is visiting the Hyde Park Farmer’s Market. It is open every Sunday from June to October from 9:30 am-1:30 pm. Here is a link to check out their website Hyde Park Farmer’s Market.

Vendors come in from all over the “countryside” to bring us the freshest organic fruits and vegetables, beautiful flowers, freshly baked bread, dairy products,  and amazzzing crepes and waffles. Some of our favorite vendors include: Blue Oven Bakery, Hazelfield Farm , and Taste from Belgium. Check out their websites for more information about freshly baked breads, beautiful flowers, and waffles and crepes that are to die for. Obviously I am more attracted to carbs and flowers than vegetables…oops. They even host live bands that play while people browse all the amazing vendors

Here are some pictures of our “Lovely Living” adventure of the week.

Do you have any Farmer’s Market recommendations that Lovely Living should check out? What are your favorite products to buy from Farmer’s Markets? Skeptical of the Farmer Market “revolution”? ..tell us why. We want to hear from you!

Enjoy your own local farmer’s market and support small businesses and American agriculture.

Peace and Lovely Living,



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