A Night of Entertainment

Here at Lovely Living, we love the arts, especially when it involves dressing up, Katharine McPhee, a wonderful orchestra, and box seats. On Friday, Rachael and I had the pleasure of going to JMR’s (the new maestro) inaugural Cincinnati Pop’s Orchestra celebration. The theme for the night was “That’s Entertainment” and featured Katharine McPhee, who you might recognize from American Idol, Brian Strokes Mitchell ( a broadway sensation and one of Hillary’s boyfriends on The Prince of Bel-Air), and the May Festival Chorus (authentic Cincinnati talent).

Some highlights from the night were the sights and sounds of historic Music Hall, as well as, Katharine McPhee’s rendition of “Over the Rainbow”, “Bridge Over Troubled Water”, and Brian Strokes Mitchell singing “The Impossible Dream”‘ from Man of La Mancha.

We highly recommend the Cincinnati Pop’s Orchestra and here is a little insider’s tip…If you are currently a student you can get discounted tickets starting the Monday of that week’s show. Rachael and I enjoyed Box Seats for only $20.00 each. You can live the lovely life on any budget. Here is their website, check it out, for your own night of entertainment. http://www.cincinnatipops.org/Home.php. Enjoy our pictures from the night below.

Chandeliers and Music,



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