Fashion Finds

One of Mara and my guilty pleasures happens to be thrift store shopping, we like looking lovely on a budget and have a strange addiction to an outrageously good deal.  Valley Thrift (similar to a Goodwill, but in my opinion better!) likes to play into our weakness and has 50% off sales on all merchandise on holidays.  So while you are enjoying your 4th of July parades or Labor Day parties you can guarantee that Mara and I are at a local Valley Thrift rummaging through aisles and aisles of discarded goods.  You may think were crazy, and we’re okay with that.

How is this lovely living?  Well, in my personal opinion, reinventing something old, or looking lovely on a budget is the epitome of living lovely, especially without the whole buyer’s remorse syndrome.  I planned on giving you a little fancy fashion show of our new finds but sadly Mara felt she needed to get her beauty Zzzzs. I’ll start small, but I highly suggest you read through this entire post, and be prepared to be wowed!

Here is a skirt (NewYork & Company) and sweater (Mossimo) I picked up, total spent: $4.

These are Mara’s finds, a few layering pieces for fall.  With thrift store shopping you never know what you are going to find, it often leads you to choose pieces by brands you wouldn’t have noticed because you don’t normally go into the store.  The brown sweater on the right is from Jones New York, I’m picturing it with a long sleeve shirt, skinny jeans, and boots.

This little rain jacket had to be bought, I think it was a $1.  I will definitely be borrowing this.

I grabbed these Target flats for a $1.

I apologize this picture is kind of blurry but you get the idea.  This was an excellent find.  It’s a Michael by Michael Kors jacket, great for in between weather.  I got it for $15, and it still had the tags on it!  The picture makes the material look shiny but I assure you it’s not, but the fabric is the kind that will repel rain.  I can’t wait to wear this.

And now for the mother of all finds, this blazer by Tahari!  Its great for work but I’m also planning to wear it with a chunky sweater and boots.  Look closely at the following picture…Your eyes aren’t deceiving you.  That’s a Saks Fifth Avenue tag on there, originally marking this item at $428, and Valley Thrift was nice enough to give it to me, not for $6.99, but $3.50 thanks to the extra 50% off.  That my friend is what you call a good deal.

And finally, we found these little babies.  Cute right?  Just kidding, these are for Halloween but we can’t divulge all our secrets, you will just have to tune back in to see our big plans.  I can hardly wait!

With deals as good as these, there’s no excuse to not look lovely, right?  Have you guys found any crazy great deals recently?  Are we the only ones with a thrift store addiction?  I wish we could have shown you some housewares items but we didn’t find anything this go around, we will cross our fingers for next time.

Happy Lovely Living,



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