It’s a Lovely Life: A night with The Script

I may have mentioned I enjoy attending a concert or two, and lucky me, one of my favorite bands, The Script, was in town last night.  It was a must go, as in I bought my tickets the day they were available and actually scored awesome seats right behind the pit.  Safetysuit opened, and while I’m not super familiar with their music, they were really good.  But The Script was amazing!

You may notice Mara is a no show in these pictures, but that’s only because she was living lovely at a bachelorette party for her good friend Elise, maybe you will get to see some of their pictures soon.  But for now you will just have to deal with me!

My fellow concert goers, Paige, Laura, and Amy. Please ignore my horrible posture.


Danny O’Donoghue has the voice of an angel, and that is a fact.  I was actually introduced to their music in 2008, when I got to see them in a small concert at the Q102 Bosom Ball, it was love at the first melodic note that hit my ear.  It was their first time playing in the United States, and yes I do feel like a very legit fan thanks to that.

It would, of course, not be a proper concert without a little after show band stalking.  As always, it was worth it because the boys came out to sign autographs and greet the fans.

The security people told us the crowd was to big to take posed pictures, so I had Amy try and snap a picture of me with Mark Sheehan in the background.  Once he realized what we were trying to do, this happened…

He took my camera out of Amy’s hand and snapped one of us himself.  What a sweet guy, I was one happy girl!

Oh yea, and then this happened!  I die!  I mean, seriously?!  No words….still, no words.

They were the most gracious band I have ever met, all of them sweetly thanked us for coming to the show like a bunch of high school boys who just started a garage band.  I mean these guys sell out stadiums in Europe, 50,000 people stadiums, and in the U.S. they are just beginning to get popular.  But mark my word, you better take notice, they are going to be huge.

I would say that this is my last concert for awhile, but Mara and I just found out that Parachute is coming to this year’s Bosom Ball!  We promptly did a raucous happy dance after hearing the good news, so the count down begins for October 20!

Many wishes of loveliness,




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  1. Laura S.

    ooh thanks for posting these 🙂 this was so much fun!


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