A Lesson in Wall Art

Hello lovely living friends! Recently, our blog posts have focused on living lovely but today we want to get back to our decorating roots with a post about how to arrange and hang wall art. Rachael and I love art work and firmly believe that every room deserves to have a little art to its name. My personal favorite artist is Georgia O’Keefe. She was a fascinating woman and a wonderful painter.  I have slowly been acquiring some of her prints (if you ever are in the mood to send me a gift) and so on one lovely Saturday, Rachael and I, spent a few hours arranging and hanging the prints in our living room.

We began with what every good researcher does and googled…”How to arrange wall art”. Why reinvent the wheel, right? Our search provided us with lots of good tips from talented wall art gurus. We decided to begin by arranging the prints on the floor to see what they might look like once they were hung on the wall. Here is the arrangement we decided on.




We then used painter’s tape to lay out the design on the wall. One of us held the print while the other person made an outline of the print with the tape.

Once we had outlined our arrangement with the tape, the handy roommate (Rachael), began hammering in the wall hooks. I don’t think our neighbors were as excited about us hanging pictures as we were. It kind of sounded like a broken machine gun, or what I imagine one might sound like. 

Here is the end product.


I’m sure some of you are thinking…”well, duh, that’s how you hang pictures” so if you are thinking that then don’t mind us, just write us a comment with any other wall art tips you can give us. However,  if  you happen to be in the market for some wall art tips, this is a fool proof way to do it, without the end product looking like you were playing pin the tail on the donkey with a hammer and a nail. 🙂

Wishing you lovely a day,



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