Its a Lovely Life: A trip to Louisville

This weeks lovely outing was actually a whole weekend of loveliness.  Mara and I are so very fortunate to have one of our nearest and dearest friends, Paige, conveniently living in the beautiful and charming city of Louisville.  That town has enough class and southern hospitality for the entire state of Kentucky.

Mara has pictures on her camera from the rest of the weekend so keep an eye out for a part II of this post.

The main event of the weekend was the Maroon 5, Train, and Matt Nathanson concert on Sunday night.  I love a concert, you will find me hard pressed to turn down tickets to just about anything.  The concert was amazing, one of the best I have ever been too.  I thought the bands might shorten their sets but it was two entire concerts in one.  Not to mention that Maroon 5 is one of my favorite bands so I was in concert heaven.

Your favorite concert goers.

Pat Monahan from Train.  As you can surmise from the pictures, we were directly to the right of the stage, but on the second level up.  We could see everything that was going on behind stage, which offered a neat perspective.

I wish the pesky speaker wasn’t the center of all of my pictures but such is life.  Adam Levine is totally swoon worthy.  And yes I did just say that.

After the concert Mara and I walked right out the door to where the tour buses were, sadly we had already split up with Paige.  We decided to stake out the area, throwing out the fact that it was one in the morning, and I had to drive back to Cincinnati to be at work the next morning.  It was totally worth it though because Adam made an appearance.  Unfortunately we hadn’t scoped out the area well enough to be at the front of the pack.  I will tell you though that as he walked away, after not making it to Mara and I, he turned and said he was sorry.  We made eye contact, I swear we had a moment.

But then luck decided to come our way.  James Valentine and Matt Flynn saw our puppy dog eyes and sprung from their tour bus to save the day, well it went something like that.  We were the only ones who managed to get a picture with both of them together.  Guess we have moves like Jagger.

Lovely as always,




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