Nooks and Books

My latest project has been quite an adventure.  Sometimes I get an idea in my head that seems a lot easier than it actually pans out to be.  In my last blog post, Boudoir Tour, I mentioned the very blank, and very empty, space above my bed that was desperately in need of some loving.  I had a plan up my sleeve all along to hang block letters from the ceiling.  Not only did I think it would look lovely but it would also frame the bed better than hanging pictures on the wall behind it.  I won’t bore you with all my failures but let’s just say I went through hooks that were too short, self-adhesive hooks that wouldn’t stick, and a broken letter.  Finally, I made a good friend at Lowe’s who helped me find everything I needed to get this project properly off the ground.

Ok, so maybe I will quickly bore you with my failures…

That little guy is one bad hook, looks secure doesn’t he?  Well he is most certainly not,  with a little weight he fell out in minutes…

And when he did decide to let go of the ceiling, this happened.  Yea, I wasn’t happy.  Luckily super glue was sweet enough to help put R back together.

Here is the hook I ended up finding with the help of the nice lady at Lowe’s, her and her friends are a lot prettier than the first ones, don’t you think?  Let’s pretend that this magically and easily got into my ceiling and that I was never standing on my bed, hammering into the ceiling as drywall sputtered to the floor.  No siree that never happened.  And if my landlord ever asks, I did not put a hole into the ceiling the size of a quarter in order to fit a toggle bolt through the other side of the dry wall.

Now onto the fun part.  I spray painted the letters a shiny silver and glazed them with bronzy brown to give them a slightly antiqued finish, its the same technique I used on my fake vanity.  I bought two types of ribbon, a thin navy blue and a thick lavendar, hoping to bring more color into my room.

I tried different designs with the ribbon, braids, twists, bows, but I liked the simplicity of looping them through the letters and letting them hang straight.

Essentially I created three large circles of ribbon and tied them in the back.  The real trick was making sure the ribbon wasn’t twisted, otherwise it wouldn’t hang properly.  It took a few tries to get all the lengths the same, but after the previous hook debacle, I wasn’t phased.

And here they are, my initials in all their glory.  I’m quite pleased with how they turned out, it definitely brings the eye forward which is what I was going for.  I realize the L is a little lopsided, but I have plans to try and make it hang more even.  In the future I might switch out the two letters on the sides for artwork, I think that could have a really cool affect, but for now the letters are staying.

On a side note, here is what happens when I go to a bookstore after a long book buying hiatus…

I just couldn’t stop picking up books.  I can do some serious damage at just about any store but before you freak out, all of these books, except for one, were only $2.00 each.  Crazy awesome, right?  Half-Price Books is for sure my happy place.

So what do you guys think of my latest bedroom update?  Have you had any decorating dilemmas in the recent past or are you working up a project at your house?  Are you digging the navy blues I’m slowly bringing in or can you picture another color palette?  Have you read any of the books in my stack, or do you have a suggestion for a must read?  Let us know, we love love love your comments.

Live Lovely,




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4 responses to “Nooks and Books

  1. kelli

    commencement is interesting, not how i expected, i hope you like it 🙂

  2. Linda Wallace

    The picture does not quite capture how good the monogram looks in Rachael’s room. I really like it now that I have seen it.

  3. Uncle Mike

    Toggle bolts….really? How much do those letters weigh? It looks great. I am so proud of you.

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