It’s a lovely life.

Welcome to the first edition of our weekly segment titled, “It’s a Lovely Life”. Recently, we have focused on creating lovely things. However, loving living is much more than just things. Lovely living is a way of life. It means enjoying each day to the fullest and turning the everyday things of life into the lovely things of life.

Our city is blessed with beautiful parks. Today we visited Ault Park, which was full of flowers, couples strolling, and budding photographers.We packed some delicious Bruegger’s bagels, veggies, blankets, our favorite books, and our camera to capture the day.

Welcome to Ault Park!

Rachael, and Mara's brother, Michael, walking down the path.

There were butterflies everywhere!

Can't forget Rachael's HP blanket.

Well at least we look like we are eating healthy...(what's missing from the picture is the artichoke dip to the side 🙂 )

Well that cloud almost ended our lovely day, but it passed right over!

Who doesn't love a good photo shoot? (Well Michael didn't but Rachael and I thought the scenery was too good to pass up)

That concludes our first “It’s a Lovely Life” weekly post. Tune back in every week for another slice of “It’s a Lovely Life” and don’t forget to comment and tell us how you turn the ordinary life into the lovely life.

Peace out lovelies.


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