Boudoir Tour

I thought this week I would take a step back and reflect on my room.  I have big plans for the space but its going to take some time and decision making on my part to get it exactly how I want it.  I am incredibly picky and rather indecisive, so when it comes to decorating it can be a long process.

Here is what the ol’ suite is looking like today.

Not too shabby if I do say so myself, but still tons to be done.  And why yes, that is a Harry Potter blanket you see there, I think it ties in quite nicely.

Now onto some serious details.  I was given this dresser, in the picture below, from my grandma.  It was in great condition but a not so lovely stained wood with glossy exterior.  It wasn’t the look I was going for but I lived with it like that for about six years.  I finally decided to paint it white, and it completely revamped the piece, I’ve been hooked on painting furniture ever since.  Here’s a better look.

Also in this picture is a lamp from Home Goods, courtesy of my mother, and some canvas art I picked up at Hobby Lobby for $10 my sophmore year of college.  I debated even bringing this canvas with me to the new apartment.  I felt it was mildly juvenile, but I just couldn’t part with her, I guess we’ve become friends.  And hey, nothing says chic like the word “chic”, right?

Next up is my supposed to be vanity, that didn’t quite turn out how I wanted it to.

This is actually a sofa table.  I found it on Craigslist for $25, its solid wood.  It was pretty with the natural wood finish but I had plans to paint it all along.  When I was looking for furniture I could use for a makeshift vanity I wanted it to be long and have storage.  This fit the bill at the time of purchase.  I also had a lapse of memory and thought my room was a lot smaller than it actually is, so I thought that a thinner table would work best in order to be less cumbersome.  Turns out I was wrong.  Eventually I will probably replace it with something a bit more substantial but for now it will have to do.

On the table is a jewelry box I bought for $15 from the Valley Thrift, and a small silver platter from Goodwill.  The mirror is from Old Time Pottery.

My nightstand is another Craigslist buy.

I purchased it for $15, painted it and changed the knobs.  The lamp was actually more of a pain than redoing the nightstand.  I found the lamp stand all alone at the Weekend Store, an overly discounted gem of a store only for those who can handle rummaging through aisles of junk.  Finding a lampshade was not easy.  Once I found a shade, I realized the stand didn’t come with the proper hardware to attach it and I had to buy that as well.  I still think the shade is too big, but its staying for awhile.  Please ignore my misplaced printer and the hideous window unit in this photo.

My bedding is from the Waterford Collection at Macy’s.  I’ll admit that it was pricey, but remember how I mentioned I was indecisive, it took me about two and half months of searching through every other possible bedding option before finally deciding that I loved this comforter too much to let it go.  And even then I still waited for it to go on sale.  It was a great choice though, I love it.  The rest of my bedding is from Bed Bath & Beyond.

I ordered the tufted headboard from CSN Stores.  I debated over this purchase for a long time too but I knew I wanted a tufted headboard and this turned out to be the best deal I could find.

Future plans

  • Find throw pillows
  • Buy a rug
  • Add more wall art
  • Add decor behind my bed (This is in the works, get excited)
  • Find a small bench to go under the floor length mirror
  • Cover up ugly air conditioning unit
  • Find storage for printer
  • Change furniture for vanity
  • Find a chair or other piece of furniture to go in corner by the window

Looks like I have my work cut out for me, hopefully you’ll tune in for the process.

Hope your living lovely!



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  1. Ruthie Wallace

    Tres chic! My favorite thing- I spotted the little pink and brown Bible we gave you when you graduated from high school. Endless beauty in that!

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