Life is a Garden

Flowers make the world a beautiful place. Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved flowers. I would stoop down at my great grandma’s house and gaze in wonder at the vivid sea of colors. Flowers are not just beautiful to look at, they allow people to express their feelings. We have them at weddings, births, funerals, on the kitchen table, and in front of houses. Unfortunately, since dwelling at our new apartment, I have learned that my “green thumb” is more like the thumb of death to the plants I have tried to nurture and love. Right now, my dying Fern is in the Plant Emergency Room for malnourishment, on our front porch. If you are like me and struggle with real flowers…fear not for I bring you good tidings of great joy…The art of the book page bouquet.

I found this wonderful DIY project in the Summer 2011 Issue of “do it yourself” magazine.

I highly recommend the magazine. It gives great, practical ideas, that are easy to replicate just like the project I did. My good friend Maria and I sat down one summer night with scrapbook pages, torn out pages from an old book (sorry book lovers, it was for a good cause), a glue gun, and buttons. Obviously, the idea was taken from their magazine (so if someone is reading this from the magazine, all props are given to you) but here is how we personalized it..

First, we took pages from books and scrapbook pages using colors we wanted in our bedrooms. I chose black and white, oranges, and lavenders. The book pages gave it a vintage look. I cut them into squares about 5 inX5in.

1. Accordion fold the page.

2. Keep it accordion folded. Then fold the page in half and trim the edges so that they are rounded.  Repeat the same process with another page of the same color/design. (I am sorry that there are no pictures for this because it is a little confusing to visualize)

3. Using a glue gun, glue the sides of the accordion folded page to the other accordion folded page to form a circle/flower.

4. Glue gun a button or colored pin to the middle. This will also help to keep the flower together.

5. You can hang the flowers to form a garland, glue twigs to the backs and put them in vases, or just set them somewhere to add to beauty to your event or home.

(Idea taken from “Do It Yourself Magazine” Summer 2011 Issue. Pg 16.)

Here are the pictures of mine. I decided to set them on the ledge where my window is and I love how it turned out!

Happy Lovely Living!





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4 responses to “Life is a Garden

  1. Eilise

    The first four sentences of this blog remind me of a childrens book. Maybe you should all of these DIY projects and become an author:) Even though these flowers are very cute.

  2. Abi

    I love how you arranged the flowers on the ledge! They look great there…very natural even! And did you make a few flowers from book pages?! love that!!

    • Thank you! At first I thought I would hang them somewhere (which I would like to do eventually) but the ledge is working out great for now (except when the fan blows them all over my room :)). I did use book pages! They give it a vinatge and “natural” feel, as you mentioned. We love reading your blog. You have been to so many amazing places. What DIY projects are you working on? P.S. you should check out for inspiration, if you haven’t already! Have a great Friday. Thanks for the comment, we added you to our blog-sessed page 🙂

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