Low Country Living

Vacation was dreamy.  My family and I spent the week at the lovely Fripp Island off the coast of South Carolina.  The southern charm of the Carolinas gets me everytime, I guess I’m a sucker for Lily dresses, country cooking, and a soft spoken accent.  My mom was born in the south, well Florida, but she considers it the south.  I was born in the great state of Ohio, but I have been told that when my mother went into labor she instructed my dad to drive her into Kentucky because she wanted her daughter to be born in the south.  Guess that didn’t work out for her, but maybe that southern blood stuck just a little.

In case your curious, my days looked a little something like this: Sleep in, Eat breakfast, Read blogs, Go to pool, Eat lunch, Go to beach, Go to pool, Eat dinner, Go to pool, Take night drive on golf cart or scooter, Go to bed.  Repeat.

I did manage to sneak away from my oh so busy schedule to the nearby town of Beaufort.  Its got southern charm out the you know what, and enough history to make Abraham Lincoln cry.  Plus movies like Forrest Gump were filmed there, you just can’t go wrong.  11th Street Dockside, a seafood restaurant where the fish are actually fresh from the ocean, as in the shrimp boats are staring at you while you eat, was our dinner of choice.  I would highly recommend it if you are in the area.

Here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure…

I decided to rent a scooter for the week, scoot as I called her, and it has now become my preferred mode of transportation.  Sadly this little baby only got up to 40 mph so its not going to work for me on a regular basis.

This is before dinner at 11th Street Dockside with the beautiful low country behind us.  Guest appearances are made by my brother Oliver and cousins Bailey and Meghan.

With our granny, I only wish I could put her into words.  If you want to know where I get my fiestiness from look to this crazy Cuban lady.  We love her!

Here’s a little posed beauty of the whole group, my mom’s side of the family.

I just like this one.

For those of you who don’t care about my vacation but are craving some lovely living I saved something extra special for you!  As you may have surmised from the looks of my half finished bedroom, I love the color pink.  I don’t wear it a lot, but in every other area of my life I’m surrounded by it.  If I can buy it in pink, from three ring binders to nail polish, I probably have it.  This obsession led me to fall head over heels in love with all of the pink houses I saw on my trip.  They’re dolled up and putting on a show, so I couldn’t resist sharing them with you.

This one was the cause of my pink house frenzy, spurring me to hold my camera at the ready for any pop up pink house sightings.  Its adorable right?  The black shutters are the perfect touch, and the bay window makes my heart sing.  I only wish I could see inside.

Here’s a charmer from Fripp Island.  You can never have too much pink, check out all those gorgeous flowers.

This is the house we stayed at on the island, and yes I was very pleased it was pink, although it comes off more peachy in this picture.

This little lady got snapped in a “drive by shooting” (haha get it?!) so I apologize for the tree in the way, although its not bad on the eyes either.  I’m not sure how the owner’s choose which porch to sit on, I think I would love them all.

As a side note, the house I grew up in until I was eleven was pink so maybe thats where my bias began.  My only question is why aren’t there more pink houses in the midwest?  Why should we miss out on all the pretty!

Wishing you lovely living.



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  1. Mike Sanders

    What a great blog!

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