Hanging by a moment.

This week Rachael has been soaking up the sun in Fripp Island, which I can’t wait to see pictures of…and I have been soaking up some fresh ideas for DIY projects. Her last DIY, a mason jar chandelier, that was submitted for the Pinterest challenge (be sure to check it out on our last blog entry), totally inspired me to new heights of creative energy myself.   As most of you know, we just moved into our apartment a little more than a month ago and to say we still have some empty wall space is an understatement. But we both agreed that we did not just want to decorate with any random thing we picked up but we want our decor to have meaning and style. It’s kind of like the old saying goes.., “If you can’t say anything nice don’t say it at all.” Well I believe the same is true for decorating and goes a little something like this, “If you don’t love it, don’t decorate with it.” Well, might not be the wisest advice around but you get the idea.

So, anyways. on to my inspiration for this week’s project. While checking out http://www.pinterest.com and making my own online boards of things I like, I found a beautiful rendition of flower vases and frames. Actually, potterybarn sells thea   picture frames with vases of flowers hanging from them instead of a picture. With all of the empty wall space in my room, I thought this would be a picture perfect fix for my room. Below is an example from pottery barn which I found on http://www.apartmentherapy.com. Beautiful, right?


So, I ventured off to find my materials. Unfortunately, when it comes to DIY, I am learning patience. So, instead of taking time to hunt for the perfect rustic frame I found a mirror on sale at Target and decided to do a variation of the project. I also felt that the mirror would created dimension and open up space in the room. I then grabbed some self adhesive hooks to stick on the mirror, a spool of twine, artificial flowers, and 5 small vases. The total of the project came to a little less than $25.00.

I spray painted the self adhesive hooks, which I was going to use to hang the vases, black so that they would blend in with the frame of the mirror. I then placed 5 hooks on the top of the mirror’s frame. They were super easy to use and are durable to hang things from.

Next, I cut one flower for each vase. I chose to use artificial flowers so that they will obviously last longer but I can always take them out and replace them with real flowers.

Once I had finished cutting the flowers and placed them in the vases, I cut twine and knotted around the opening of the vases and then double knotted it onto the hook. I chose to use differing lengths to create a more visually stimulating piece.

Once, I had finished tying all 5 of the vases onto the hooks I got ready to place it above my chest of drawers. Side note: I found this a-mazing piece at an antique store and fell in love with its character. Check out the before and after pictures below.

The lighting is a little off with the mirror but you get the idea. I love it and am excited to make similar framed vases in the future. Remember to share your ideas and comments with us, we’d love to hear from you. Thanks for visiting our blog and we wish you lovely living today and always.



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