Cuckoo for Bird Project

Recently I (Mara) visited one of my favorite (and my budget’s least favorite) stores, Hobby Lobby, looking for a new project to give my creative side some love. While wandering aimlessly through craft heaven, I was skimming through a DIY book I found at the front of the store. One of the projects was a multi-media canvas collage using a bird. Birds are all the rage now (or so I like to think). Needless to say, I was inspired. I grabbed a small 8×10 canvas (4.99) and looked for some fun vintage looking scrap book paper to use (1.00). I found the perfect piece with bird and all. I then headed down the spray paint aisle. Spray Paint is about 10x faster than a paint brush for the right project. I picked out a can of Rust-oleum American Accents in Heirloom White and then get ready for this….Valspar’s Crackle Top Coat. I had seen the Crackle Coat on a few blogs where DIYers impressively did a Cinderella makeover on an old piece of furniture. It was a little pricey but I plan to use it on some furniture projects in the future. I wasn’t sure how spray paint would work on canvas but I was about to find out. Luckily, I already had some Modge Podge and craft paint at home that I planned on using as well. Below I have photographed the process for you, in case you would like to dive into to your own multi-media project.

Valspar's Crackle Top Coat

I first sprayed a layer of Heirloom White and then sprayed the Crackle Coat over it. The more layers of the Crackle Coat you spray the more "crackly" it will be.

Here is how it turned out!

I used a black craft paint once the spray paint had dried.

I painted a branch with the craft paint for my future bird to sit on.

Anyone can paint a branch 🙂

This is the beautiful bird that I cut out from the scrapbook sheet. I also cut out blue and green shades to make leaves for the branch.

I then used a brush and placed Modge Podge, a glue used for collaging, on the back of the bird, and then painted it over the bird once I had glued it down. It creates a nice glossy finish.

The scrapbook page also had the "Spread your wings and Fly" message, which I cut out and used the same process as the bird to adhere to the canvas. Here is how it all turned out!

If you have any questions let me know. What has has inspired you lately? Leave a comment and let us know. Happy Lovely Living!



July 25, 2011 · 7:01 pm

3 responses to “Cuckoo for Bird Project

  1. Linda Wallace

    Wow! looking forward to seeing your creation tonight!

  2. Kelsey Sullivan

    wow!! love all ur ladies projects so artistic!!! i am going to have to try out some of them in the future!!! sooo cute!!!

    • Thank you! We just kind of “make it up, as we go”. You should definitely start doing some projects. I bet there is a lot of great ideas out there for decorating little boys’ bedrooms.

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